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Directorate of Planning and Follow-up

The functions of the Directorate in the company:


1- Follow-up to the implementation of plans by persuading the departments and branches of the company and the  projects

     to take the necessary measures to ensure the implementation of these plans after approval procedures.


2- Prepare and discuss plans and studies related to these  projects in coordination with the departments and branches for theses

     special projects, to ensure consistency with the general plan of the state.


3- Develop training and rehabilitation plan as well as annual briefing courses in cooperation and coordination with the competent

     authorities in the company or other stakeholders and monitor its implementation.


4- vocational training, technical and behavioral and rehabilitation for employees in the company as well as the training courses for this 

     purpose of preparation of studies relating to the company's need to experience different skills and perform such steps to dispatch

     personnel preparation programs.  


5- Follow up the implementation of the Supreme Council for Planning and the State Planning Commission, and all the

     instructions and directives issued by them.


6- Assessing the progress of work and finding difficulties and their causes to suggest ways to overcome them.


7-The possibility of covering the required information from the Directorate of Planning and Follow-up by special employee

     in the districts and branches for Special Projects by decisions issued in assets.


8- Submission of proposals that lead to the coordination and integration of work and the balance between all the devices

    of the company and its subsidiaries.