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central Supervision Directorate

 central Supervision Directorate:


1- This Directorate job is to supervise the implementation of business and 

    engineering projects in accordance with the provisions of the contractual

    obligations of these projects and the study of extended delays.

2- Study offers pre-qualification of the implementing companies when


3- Participation in the preparation and the preliminary preparation of

    contracts and supervise the drafting of these contracts.

4- Participate in the partial and preliminary and final studies of the

    committees of arbitration.

5- Assisting in solving the urgent problems during the implementation and

   development of proposals and alternative conceptions with the approval 

   of the concerned authorities.




The most important projects that have been studied in the Directorate:

Umayyad Congress Palace,  Palace of the People's,  Palace Techreen.


Administrative buildings:

the city of Damascus Directorate of Finance Directorate of real estate interests in Suweida ,Communications Directorate in al Kenitra ,

Directorate of of finance and Customs and insurance branch in Adra, Damascus Countryside Health Directorate , The Ministry of Transport building in Damascus ,Opera House for Culture and the Arts , building the central leadership of the National Progressive Front, the printing press building ,The official Journal - Fairgrounds- and the Ministry of Higher Education


Educational buildings:

different universities and colleges of the University of Damascus in Syria,Baath University, Tishreen University, Schools (preparatory and secondary schools) institutes (National Institute of Public Administration).


Service Buildings:

Typical exchanging Contacts for communications,customs centers (center of the Jordanian border in Daraa ,Bourder Centre in Yaboos) receiving station within the body of remote sensing Commission, Administrative building in the industrial zone ,Silos and Flour Mills along the Country.

Treatment plants, sewage.


Sports Buildings:

Sports City building in Al Sewida, Football Association building.


Health buildings:

hospitals in several cities: Tichreen tutorial  Hospital in Latakia ,Al Heffe ,internal diseases in Damascus , Deir Al Asafier, Katana , Daria ,Alkesweh, hospital  of Rastan and Homs Telkalekh ,Jerjanih , AL Bassel to heart disease hospital of Al tell.



in different cities (Damascus, Draa, Swieda, Deir al Zour, Idlib, Qardahah).


Buildings of the Ministry of Justice:

Palace of Justice (Dara, Al Swida) judicial complexes in Damascus and Salkhad.



Furnishing  building of the National Progressive Front Offices of the Minister of Expatriates ,decor and brushes Office of the Minister of Finance and the Office of the Director of Finance and meeting rooms, the Directorate of financial Damascus furniture of the  Library Al Zaheria , decor and furniture galleries lectures (Ministry of Expatriates and the National Institute of Public Administration), Furniture for the kindergarten Children Directorate of Finance and the printing press and the Official Gazette


The work of strengthening and rehabilitation:

succor rehabilitation  study to Damascus International Airport , strengthen and rehabilitate (the central body of the building ,Control and inspection rehabilitation and restoration of Al Zaherie Library) ,Reinforcing study to a compound buildings to the earthquakes ,

the buildings of Damascus switchboard.





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