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Administrative and Legal Directorate

This directorate is doing the followings:


1-Participate in public policy-making for the company in the field of personnel, organizing and planning of  the use of manpower

   and monitor their implementation in the field of competence and contribute to the preparation of the draft number of the

   employee of the company, and amendments thereto.



2- Applying instructions relating to the organization of  administrative work at the level of the company and all the instructions

     required by the proper application of the laws and regulations.


3-Implementing and supervising the laws, regulations and instructions relating to personnel matters and  the preparation of the

    necessary instructions for the proper implementation.


4- Follow the progress of lawsuits filed by the company or by.


5- Conduct legal and judicial prosecutions for the collection of receivables resulting from the company's employees or clients

    that cannot be collected by the Directorate of Finance and Accounts and upon request.


6- Study administrative and technical books of conditions or financial conditions and human rights concluded by the company and referred 

     to it in coordination with the competent directorates and dossier preparation required for each of them.


7- Supervising the Insurance guard facilities, buildings insurance, telephony services, and telecommunications

    and supervising of nurseries and kindergartens.


8- Follow-up development and application of all the business and security matters in the company.


9- Achieving the laws, decrees, decisions, regulations, and particularly with regard to the company.


10- Organization tracks Lines Transport workers to and from work stations and prepare investment contracts.


11- Fulfill insurance business for workers, experts and facilities, assets to the company and follow all the procedures related to this business.


12- Organizing the work of the Information office in the company and everything related to exit or entrance for employee or visitors

       and auditing the working hours their entrance and exit.


13-Fullfiling the correspondences and photocopies, health affairs as well as social caring and all company services.