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Structural Directorate


The Structural Directorate:


the directorate of structural engineering studies providing preliminary and detailed construction studies for projects, cost studys according to the latest global software:


1-for facilities:

-Public facilities (hospitals- government departments-Residential suburbs and prefabricated buildings)     

-Private facilities (silos- sports stadiums- treatment plants and metal towers).

-Industrial plants.

2-state the current situation of existing buildings using sophisticated equipment.

3-reinforcing the existing cracked buildings.

4-rehabilitation of existing buildings to check on the seismic safety requirements,according to the latest versions of the code.    

5-advising technical topics referred to it.

6-atudy the emergency problems during the work implementation as well as developing the proposals and alternative conceptions to be approved


The most important project had been studied in the directorate:

1-mardes silo design production capacity is about 160 thousand tons of grain.

2-tell Beydar silo design production capacity about 120 thousand tons of grain.

3-study the restoration and rehabilitation of a group of silos in each of the provinces of Hasaka , Idlib, Hama, Daraa and Damascus.

4-auditing and studying  the construction of ten silos storage capacity 1.000.000 tons of grain distributed in the provinces of the country.

5-reinforcing and rehabilitation of building of the Justice Palace in Damascus - and the building of the Criminal Security Building -Central   Authority for the Supervision and Inspection.

6-reinforcing and restoration of the Ghazlanah mill.

7-audit study the terminal hall passenger at the Basel international airport.

8-audit study the rehabilitation of assembly Phone buildings Al Nasser Switchboard.

9-hama National Hospital and the National Hospital Al-Hasakah.

10-residential suburb Salim.

11-studying and rehabilitation of government buildings against earthquakes, including: the Ministry of Irrigation - the Ministry of Oil - Ministry of -Finance-government compound in Harasta-The Library of Al Baath University.

12-studying metal towers for  Studying metal towers for radio and television broadcasting


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