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Mechanical and Technology Department

Department of Mechanical Engineering and Technology:


1-The Directorate studies mechanical design and operational  engineering projects(heating-ventilating-air-cooling-Solar power-Technological equipment-Fossil fuel power stations-steam systems) in various  sectors of residential and industrial and service, productive, tourism and health in accordance with domestic and international standards.
2-Preparation of feasibility studies and evaluation schedules for projects and engineering works. 
3- Providing consultancy and engineering solutions for all state bodies and provide technical support for engineering and technical committees
for projects, committees to prepare specifications and local codes.
4- Contribute to the rationalization of energy consumption through the use of thermal insulation and renewable alternative energies in the preparation of engineering studies for the heating, air conditioning and ventilation

The most important projects that have been studied in the Directorate:

1- Presidency of the Council of Ministers building, the Interior Ministry building Administrative building of the Atomic Energy Commission - directorate of Transport Zablatani- Palace of Justice in Aleppo- Damascus complex judicial center-clinical hospitality children of the victim-The First september tower in Tripoli, Libya.
2- Building of the Syrian Petroleum Company- Dammar -   Ibn Alwalid Complex in Homs.
3- Assad Medical Complex in Hama - Police hospital - Neurological diseases  Hospital- Hospital for communicable diseases- Hospital of  Jerjanih- Baath University Hospital-The new National Hospital  in Hama- Maloula hospital Salamia hospital-Hasake hospital.
4- Stadium in Homs 50,000 spectators - closed gym 6000 spectators. Gyms in the (Homs, Daraa Alsnamin Bosra - Nawa .
5- Residential buildings in the residential field in Alrmelan.
6- Technological study of   Arabization Press in Dimas.
7- Typical study to raise the   efficiency of the energy for buildings Housing of the youth in Qudsayya. Expansion  suburb.



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