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Electrical Directorate

The Electrical Engineering Directorate:


This directorate with its technical team is fulfilling the followings:

1- studying the electrical design according to the international codes and

    specifications for Industrial- housing-tourism-oil-treatment plant sanitary engineering- and the

    infrastructures for cities, towns, villages, and suburbs, public buildings, hospitals, ministries,

    lighting streets and public squares, lighting the roads joints tunnels and bridges.

2- srovide technical expertise and consultancy in the fields of electrical engineering, electrical and

    evaluation studies for various technical projects.

3- study networks high, medium tension and transfer stations and power plants of all kinds.

4- the study of weak current networks (radio telephone internal and external  Central Satelite).

5- the study of the local network of computers ,Internet, and television monitoring and simultaneous

    interpretation system and security systems for banks and time clocks.





The most important projects that have been studied in the Directorate:

1-the electrical supply to the oil tanks in the field, Tichreen oil field in Homs refinery.

2-electrical  study  for the industrial city of Adra.

3-electrical study  for various administrative (MOI Presidency of the Council of Ministers).

4-electrical study for  hospitals (such as hospital-Baath University Hospital and Al Salamie hospital, Maloula healed diseases and internal hospital Hasake).

5-electrical study for Media City at the fairgrounds.

6-electrical infrastructure projects of regional planning for the Barada valley and Maloula and Seydnaia / Damascus Rural suburb.

7-electrical study for the  sport city AlBasel in Hama and the city of al-Assad in Daraa

8-electrical study for(Stade Homs the international system for 50,000 spectators according to FIFA).

9-electrical project extinguishing oil tanks in Banias.

10-treatment plants in Qenitra and Swieda

11-audit projects for dragging  the water from the coast -treatment plant Sheikh Najjar in Aleppo.

12-audit project grain silos (Iranian contract).

13-Checking oil projects (increased production of field Almasev Swedish).



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