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Technical Audit Directorate

Directorate of Technical Audit:


1- the directorate of technical audit has audited these

    studies,according to the international norms and  

    codes adopted in the study.

2- Submitting technical reports and studies about the

    economic costs of the projects.        

3- Study the projects in case of commissioning this  

    project for the directorate

4-The Directorate is depending in the completion of its work on a qualified engineer’s cadre of all disciplines.

5- Directorate employ experienced consultants from outside the company in case of lack of competence required for the company's projects

    have to be audited by the company.



The most important projects that have been audited in the Directorate:

1-Succor audit study and rehabilitation project for Damascus International Airport in collaboration with an English company Halcrow.

2-A draft  Checking for  Children's Hospital and obstetrics in Bab Musala /Damascus, Large hospital project in Homs.

3-Checking a hospital for Cardiac center in Deir al-Zour – Al Mukharam hospital.

4-Checking a project for scientific research and environmental centre

    in Kafr Sousa - garage Al Nana in Damascus.

5-Audit Project for the printing press and the Official Gazette in Kafr Sousa – complex of Sahara.

6-A project for auditing the complex of the Diplomatic Quarter in Al Saboura, project of the Eastern Park in AL Adawi.

7-Audit Ibn Sina hospital in Idleb, project Oncology Center in Aleppo and Al Hasakah.

8-Audit Building for communications Ministry in all the provinces of the country.

9-Auditing Sports City project in the Swida , Qara, and Al Tell.

10-Checking expansion project for engineering faculties at the University of Techreen.

11-Checking some rehabilitation facilities against earthquakes (General Insurance Organization, Ministry of Higher Education, installations 

     General Organization of Tobacco in Al Qardahah, Latakia and Aleppo).

12-Studying the building of The Central Leadership of the National Progressive Front.

13-Rehabilitation study for buildings of the Ministry of Supply to resist earthquakes.

14-Audit study  for the treatment plants in Tartous and Latakia.

15-Audit silos and grain mills in the provinces of the country.

16-Checking the drawing water from the Euphrates River to the phosphate mines and Industrial Zone in Hessie.

17-In the mean time the directorate is preparing the executive dossier for the residential suburb of the city in Maroune / Al Tell in Damascus  Suburb.





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