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Geotechnical and Surveying Department

Department of Geotechnical Engineering and Surveying:


the directorate of geotechnical engineering and surveying cadre are doing field and laboratory technical studies by its highly qualified team to perform the following tasks:


1-field investigations:

Do Geotechnical field investigation inquiries to different depths and sampling to preserve that assets, and to conduct field tests of different plate loading S.P.T


2-laboratory experiments:

Conduct laboratory experiments in the Directorate’s laboratory which are equipped with equipment and technical tools necessary to this developed the tests.


3-Geotechnical studies:

Geotechnical reports are prepared for various projects throughout the Syrian Arab Republic, such as grain silos. Airports suburb residential buildings (warehouses Tabqah- towers) held Squares & Street (bridges and tunnels) treatment plants, sewage propose solutions for technical problems list.

the most important projects that have been studied:

1-study of grain silos with a storage capacity of 50,000 tons for the city of Raqqa.

2-study of ten silos grain storage capacity of 100,000 tons each silo.

3-study contract Square Street (through Aleppo Homs, Homs Tartous  with the  Great Damascus converted with Homs .

4-study the projects of Aleppo water Institution(ground water reservoirs and High pumping -Pumping Hall).

5-study treatment sewage plant in most provinces of the country.

6-study suburb residential housing in (Fayhaa –Dimas- Qudsayya and expansion project of Labor inAdra - Kenitra -Tartus -Deir ez-Zor)....


4-Surveying works:

The company has accomplished through main administration departments  and branches of the company in the last two decades, many of the projects that have topographical quantity and quality the most important projects were:

1-detailed topographic survey of the cities and towns exceeded 250 thousand hectares throughout the country, such as:

   (Banias, Tartous ,Swida, Safita ,Darya) and other cities.

2-surveying the residential suburbs such as (Qudsayya - and expansion Qudsayya, Fayhaa, Adra, Dimas areas, irregularities in Damascus).

3-surveying the lines of the transmission (electricity- gas- oil).

4-control the movement of the rocks of the mountains Maloula next to the monastery of St. Takla.

5-modernize and digitize topographic planned For Palmira city.

6-monitor number of Land grounding for vital buildings in the city of Damascus.

7-study cross-sections in the bed of the Barada River and in Rastan.

8-study airstrips Damascus International Airport


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