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the general company for engineering studies and consultation has been established by the legislative decree No. 2805 of 1980, and are subjected to legislative decree No. 84 of 2005

the company has its own legal personality, financial and administrative independence, and linked to the ministry of public works. And its headquarters is in the city of Damascus.


The Company's Mission:

1-Fulfilling the engineering and technical studies, 

   development and expansion of the existing projects  to

   increase their efficiency and productivity returns, to fit the

   technological development, preparing complete filing for  


2-Audit studies, engineering designs and technical terms of

   safety and accuracy, and its commitment to the economic

   and computational work to be suitable for execution.

3-Supervising the implementation of projects and operating tests, receipt of

   initial and final studies are done according to specific program

   adopted by other sectors of the state in the implementation of their projects.

4-Contributing in arbitration, provide technical advice and expertise to all sectors of the state.

5-Training engineers and technicians in their scope of activities, functions, preparing local specialized technical staff at the required level.

6-Follow-up developments in projects that fall within the competence of the company and its activities



Principles of work at the company:

Management of the company is based to manage the work to achieve the goals that aimed to fulfill, using the best scientific methods and process in accordance with the basic principles:

1-Achieve the principle of the role model to be the best for his staff..

2-Developing the spirit of cooperation, initiative and commitment, as well as coordination with the work.

3-Developing the sense of belonging between the employees of the company.

4-Strengthening the relations of equality, justice and equal opportunities for all employees.

5-Use the scientific method of planning, programming and implementation of the work.

6-Put workers in jobs commensurate with their skills, competences, qualifications and experience.

7-Raise the level of performance and reducing the cost and prevent waste ,extravagance and loss.

8-Increase production and reduce costs, with commitment to quality requirements in various business.