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Directorate of Supply and Warehouse


This directorate is responsible for the followings:

1-Participation and coordination with the relevant departments and branches of the company in the preparation

    of the annual plan of the ration and insurance needs and supplies of materials , equipment, the necessary spare

    parts and determine the policy of storage within the upper and lower limits.


2- Participate in the development plan and financial plan to secure the foreign exchange needs

    of the company in collaboration with other directorates.


3-Take the necessary measures to provide the materials, supplies, and spare parts are durable

     and maintain storage and organization of the procurement process for buying things.


4-  Fullfiling contracts to regulate internal and external documents and complete all the necessary data and ratify these contracts assets.

5- Studying the observations contained in the records of the receipt and authorities with a view to finalizing these contracts.


6- Follow all the customs clearance in accordance with the authorized rulers and secure transfers and receipts assets.

7-Proposal to set up committees to follow up the receipt cooperating with the competent departments and branches.


8- Follow-up action committees and direct purchase materials authorities in the public sector.

9- Follow-up, the organization of periodic tables of the plan of what has been implemented and what hasn’t been

    implemented unless reasons stated and forwarded to the management of the company.


10- Follow-up implementation the directorate rules and issuing the accessible instructions.


11- Participating in putting a guide for materials in cooperation with the specialized directorate and supervising the prober implementation.