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Directorate Office of the General Director

The functions of the Directorate Office of the General Director:

1- Receive e-mail report them to the General Director and contained him , double-checked and sorted before submitting them, and return

    them to the General divan to run on distribution  according to their directions.


2- Receive e-secret and recorded, and the preparation of books issued by the General Director and follow-up implementation.


3- prepare for meetings of the General Director and what require from notes and holding seminars in the company, and related activities

     to receive delegations , the media and the press, and to participate in national events.


4-Receive complaints and to propose the necessary solutions and organization of gifting and translation of the General Director.


5- Follow up on issues that are required to follow up with maintaining the confidentiality of the information to be hid from everyone without

    the permission of the General Director under the penalty of responsibility.