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Directorate of Finance and Accounts


This directorate is doing the followings:


1- Fulfilling the execution of the first stage of controlling in the company in a way that covers all the activities.


2- Participating in putting the general plan and the investment plan for the company.


3- Preparing the estimating budget for the company.


4- Specifying the company’s commitments by paying or by compromising in addition to fulfill the assembling the money had

     to be paid to the company, implementing the execution of the resources plan.


5- Manage the company’s funds in a manner that achieves the best results and rationalize consumption

    and expenditure as much as possible.


6- Suggests and provide periodic reports on the implementation of the functions of the company in financial terms.


7- Scrutiny and authorizing contracts and non-technical links that give rise to financial commitments.


8- Supervise the work of certified payroll and the Fund Secretariat.


9- Auditing and signing the contracts, which are on the company's expense.


10- Answering the reports of the central financial control with respect to its competence.


11- Prepare costing accounts and cooperation with the departments and branches inorder

      to rationalize the decisions of the company.


12- Preparing the final accounts and extracts, the final budget for the company in preparation for the issuance


13- Monitor bank accounts belonging to the company and the movement of materials and labor requirements.


14- Auditing the fixed furniture and its movement and distributing its  exhaustion.