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Roads and Bridges Directorate


The Directorate of Roads and Bridges:


This directorate provides studies and checks for projects in the following fields: 

1- Studying and designing projects of expansion the main,

    secondary roads’ net in Syria

2- Studying and designing industrial works of Bridges, Tunnels, and water

    drainage passageways on the roads drainage net.

3- Studying of developing and modernization for main, secondary roads net

    in Syria.

4- Providing engineering consultations for bridges and roads works.

5- Checking projects of bridges and roads studying by internal or external





1-Study for 17 April tunnel on Mazaah Highway

2-Study the  expansion of international Damascus airport road

3-Study for Dier Alzor ,Alboukamal long 85 km

4-Study for Homs , Mossiaf road long 46 km

5-Study for ALsweida , Jordan boards

6-Study for five crosses on Damascus ,Alsweida road

7-Study for grand Damascus interchange part one long 45 km     

8-Study for grand Damascus interchange part two long 65 km

9-Study for complexes and axes in Damascus in cooperation with Halcrow  company

10-Study for a bridge on Alforat river in Alraqa city long 600 m

11-Study for developing and modernization of Aqraaba complex on Airport road

12-Study for a bridge in Alaarin  area to link Kodssaya suburb with Dummar .

13-Checking the study of rehabilitate  the road of Alraqa ,Talabiad

14-Sharing in checking the study of residential area in Maaroona

15-Sharing in study of youth residential area project in Sleam, Alsweida  





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