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Water and Sanitation Directorate

Engineering Directorate of Water and Sanitation :


the directorate studies provide executive and technical consultation for various projects of water and wastewater  sanitation in the country, in addition to auditing studies required for projects, in each of the following areas:


 Engineering studies the internal Sanitation of the buildings:

1- Networks drinking water.

2- Fire Networks.

3- Waste water and ventilation network.

4- Drainage and irrigation networks.

5- General site.


 External health engineering studies of buildings:

1- Drinking water systems within urban and modern

    residential suburbs.

2- Sewage networks within cities and suburbs.

3-Sewage pumping stations.


 Sewage treatment plants:

1- Design sewage treatment plants and reuse of treated water for multiple purposes.

2- Hydrological studies:

    - For projects of regional planning and urban planning and new suburbs.

    - For road projects and pass way road.

    - Projects channels rain for flowage within the public roads.



The most important projects that have been studied in the Directorate:

1- Project Presidency of the Council of Ministers - Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Ministry of the Interior, Justice Palace (Aleppo) -College of

    Dentistry (Hama) -Homs  Sports Stadium - (Baath city of Homs) -Shahba hospital (Sweda ).

2- Supply water from Ain Alzarka spring to the villages and the city of Idlib.

3- Supply drinking water from Mzerib  lake to the Sweda city .

4- Study of water and sanitation in the suburb of Qudsaya.


 Sewerage networks:

 for many of the cities (Raqa ,Deir al-Zour, Homs, Lattakia, Hasake).

 The regional study:

  of wastewater treatment for many of the provinces (Qunitra, Daraa ,Sweda )

 Treatment plants:

 for Shahba  city and the city of Dael -  Police  hospital in Harasta -Daraa  central prison .

 Hydrological study: 

  Damascus diversion, Homs diversion - and rain  canals  in Latakia  -Study pollution in  ِOranteis  Basin and   climate plan  .... and others.




The most important projects that the Directorate audited:

1- Check 24 treatment plants in Rural Damascus, Malaysian contract - treatment plant for the industrial city of Aleppo in Sheikh Najjar

     studied by Ahmed Abdul Warith  / Egypt-Sewage treatment plant for   Tartous and Latakia / studied by Merab company Tehran Iran.

2- Audit studies for the industrial cities in Hasia  Adra.

3- Audit study the needs of drinking water for the city of Damascus and its countryside of surplus water coast studied by  IBG Swiss Dutch


4- Audit Project   drag drinking water from   Assad  Lake on the Euphrates River to the reservoir  of Karyaten , studied  by  Ahmed Abdul

    Warith  Egypt.

5- Audit Project drag drinking water from   al-Assad lake to Palmira and the draft audit study drag drinking water from wells of Ras al-Ain 

    to Al-Hasakah  city.




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