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Architectural Directorate

The Architectural Engineering Directorate:


The qualified Directorate working team had the following actions:

1-Study appropriate site devoted to the establishment of the project in terms of environmental and climatic rules.

2-Provide Architectural Studies, initial design and planningof projects within the vision of the future with highly technical vision

3-Complete technical preparation dossier and follow-up with all involved technical disciplines.

4-Proposed emergency amendments during execution according to the available techniques in the field of construction. 

5- To express an opinion and advice in technical subjects referred to it.



The most important projects that have been studied in the Directorate:


 Administrative buildings:

buildings of  Directorates of Environment - Agricultural Research - Arrest to Central prison – A prison for drug offenders .Buildings of the Party leadership branches - Subsidiary Station of seismic monitoring - building cadets at the Faculty of Bassel Assad Science  police.


Educational buildings:

Al-Baath University (Faculty of Informatics) - Tishreen University (Faculty of Economics and Education) - Schools (preparatory and secondary schools) Institutes (Political Science-Applied Art with special needs - dental -deaf and dumb - Computer Engineering.


Service Buildings: 

exchanges typical Contacts - Customs Centers - Receiving Station within the body of remote sensing - galleries productivity of the General Authority in the Saboura - Directorate of Transport in Zablatini - the General location of the Sub-Association in Ibn al-Nafis.


Sports buildings:

(Wadi Barada - Bosra - Nawa) – sports Hall and equestrian training in Ghazlanah rehabilitation AL Basel city in Hama - complete the Al Assad Sports City in Daraa.


 Health buildings:

hospitals (Maloula – Al Salamieh- Yabrood - Police in Harasta - Neurosurgery in Almzh- Obstetric Hospital in Al Swida - Zabadani) - Outpatient clinics in the hospital (Alsagalbieh - Masyaf) - Updated Hama National Hospital.



Saving Banks (Kenitra- Salkhad –Darra)Indusrial  banks (Yabrood Hsia- Sheikh Njar-. Al Salamieh)


Premises of the Ministry of Justice:

Palace of Justice (Aleppo - Dara –Al Swida-Al Raqa). Judicial complexes in (Salkhad - Yabrood - Alsanamin- Safita- Mharda- Telkalekh).


Residential buildings:

Labour Housing in Adra-Youth suburb of Qudsayya- expansion suburb of Qudsayya third island- combat readiness housing models - the reconstruction of southern Lebanon - Qana.



Furnishing (Institute for Deaf and Dumb in Hama - Aleppo gym Hall) Decor (Foreign Ministry- Palace of Justice in Aleppo – Banks- Higher Institute of Music).


Restoration work:

Strengthening and Rehabilitation ( Old Interior Ministry building - Hall meetings at the Ministry of Economy- Palace of Justice in Aleppo- Mansuriyya market – Long market in Hama.


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