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International awards

International Awards:

1-An International Competition for Commercial Complex in Tripoli - Libya in cooperation  with the 22 participants (first place).
2-Prize Foundation (E-Quar Institution) Spanish for the year 1987 (first place).
3-Golden Statue Award for the Best Company in 1988 in the field of engineering studies and consultations in Madrid Festival.
4-Diamond International Star Award for Quality in 1992 from the National Institute of Marketing, Mexico.
5-Golden Statue in Cairo Award in 1989.
6-Agha Khan International Award for Architecture in 1992.
7-Prize for Energy Raise Efficiency in the Building Sector (EU) in 2006.
8-Gold Star Award for the Best Engineering Company during the last ten years from the  Global Enterprise of Labor  Architecture.



Participating with International Competition:

1-Multi use Hall Competition in Al Khartum- Sudan

2-Al Saleh Museum Competition In Yamen


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