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Control Engineering Directorate

  Control Engineering Directorate:


This Directorate carries out studies and drafting designs for the following works:  

1-Study the control system and automation for conditioning and heating systems

   for all the industrial, architectural and technological projects, also the electrical

   constructions, treatment plants and oil fields.

2-Study and design the fire alarm system and automatically extinguishing for

   civilian, industrial and petroleum projects, also projects of drinking water and

   sanitary wastewater

3-carries out works of describing devices and equipments and count its quantity and prices.   





1- Study the alarm system and automatically extinguishing and control for ministry of foreign affairs, ministry of Interior ,ministry of

    supplying  and ministry of planning .

2- Study the alarm system and automatically extinguishing for Homs, Banias and Tartous refineries

3- Study the automatically controlled conditioning and heating works for hospitals of Rankouss, Aleppo national Hospital, Daraya,

    Maaloula,Alhaseka ,National hospital of Hama , hospital of Zeid al shabty in sweida and alJerganiah hospital  

4- Study the automatically control for treatment plants and sanitary wastewater in Sweida , Tartous ,Mogher Almir-,Alqunaitra  and

    Alhasseka , Alrumaylan fields .

5- Alarming and automatically extinguishing for transforming and generating electric stations   in Damascus international fair. 

6- Study of automation the station of charging the tank vans in Adraa.

7- Study of automatically control and fire nets for juridical complexes in Damascus ,Aleppo, Alsweida ,Alraqa,Idleb.




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