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Internal Control Directorate

The Directorate of Internal Control:


1- Enable management to take note of how to handle business in its affiliates within the general jurisdiction of the Central

    Commission for Control , including inspection to reveal glitches, waste, the reasons for lack of production and insufficient

    implementation of the plans.


2- Propose methods to develop the work and increase efficiency and production.


3- Cooperate with the Central Authority for the control and inspection to perform tasks and missions to cooperate with

     the investigative and inspection of the Financial Supervisory Authority.


4- Achieve administrative and disciplinary offenses, and complaints of the employees.

5- Lay hands on economic crimes and other offenses against public money committed by employees in its affiliates

     and reservation on its facts and evidence directly to be achieved by specific authorities.


6- Perform the supervisory and inspection through specific annual plans of work established by the emergency  management

    by agreement with the Authority.

7- Supplying investigation reports or supervision and inspection to the General Director to be sent to the Central Authority for

     the control and inspection, together with his opinion.


8- Reports of the Directorate of internal control in its various forms, after approval from the presidency of the Central Authority for

     control and inspection are handled by the company's management in the same way.